Neewer RGB LED Video Light, 12W RGB150 Full-Color Camera Light with Aluminum Alloy Body, CRI 97+, TLCI 97+, 2500~8500K, 3200mAh Rechargeable Battery, 12 Scene Modes for Gaming/YouTube/Vlog/Photography

  • 【Professional RGB LED Video Light】 Featuring 150 LED beads (80 bi-color LEDs and 70 RGB LEDs), a maximum illuminance of 1500 lux at 0.5m, and a high CRI of 97+, this 12W RGB150 LED video light helps you achieve accurate color rendition. The light brings you softer lighting for gaming, YouTube videos shooting, vlogging, portrait photography, and more
  • 【Adjustable Hue & Brightness & Color Temperature】 With 0~359° adjustable hue, 0~100% adjustable saturation, 0~100% adjustable brightness, the color temperature of this light is also adjustable from 2500K (warm white) to 8500K (cool white). The LCD display on the back of the light clearly shows the light settings for improved efficiency
  • 【12 Scene Modes】 The RGB full-color light has 12 scene modes for different photography needs, including Lightning 1, Lightning 2, Paparazzi, Candlelight Simulation, Screen Simulation, Breathing Effect, RGB Slow, RGB Fast, RGB Strobe, Police Car, Ambulance, and Fire Truck
  • 【Built-in Rechargeable Battery & Support Quick Charge】 Equipped with a built-in 7.4V 3200mAh rechargeable lithium-polymer battery and a USB Type-C charging port, this light allows you to fully charge the battery in 2.5 hours (with 5V 2A input). Also supports Quick Charge 3.0 technology to recharge the light with 9V or 12V charging input. Continuous lighting time is up to 2.5 hours (at 100% brightness) after fully charged. Decrease brightness to extend battery life if needed
  • 【Rotatable Arm with Cold Shoe】 The LED panel light comes with a mini ball head, a cold shoe mount base, and a 360-degree rotatable support arm with cold shoe mounting point. Mount on any device with a cold shoe adapter, such as a camera microphone for sound recording
SKU: 10100321 Category: GTIN: B09H5VTLY7


With a high 97+ CRI & TLCI, this 12W 150-LED light delivers soft lighting with accurate colors. RGB function makes it popular to use in different scenes, such as game live, vlogging, YouTube video shooting, photography, etc.

Easily adjust hue, saturation, brightness, and color temperature.

12 scene modes & rotatable arm provide more lighting options.

Built-in 3200mAh rechargeable battery, it can be quickly-charged via its type-c port. Enjoy a 2.5-hour battery life with 100% brightness setting.


LED Light

Model: RGB150

Material: Aluminum alloy

Number of LEDs: 150 (40 warm white, 40 cool white, and 70 RGB LEDs)

Power: 12W

Display Type: LCD

Color Temperature: 2500K~8500K

Dimming Range: 0~100%

Maximum Illuminance: 1500 lux (at 0.5m)

Hue Range: 0~359°

Color Rendering Index (CRI): 97+

Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI): 97+

Built-in Battery Type: 7.4V 3200mAh lithium-polymer battery

Continuous Lighting Time: 2.5 hours (at 100% brightness)

Charging Time: 2.5 hours (with 5V 2A input)

Charging Input Voltage: DC 5V, 9V/12V (Quick Charge 3.0)

Net Weight (without diffuser): 15.9oz / 450g

Dimensions: 5.24” × 3.27” × 0.63” / 13.3 × 8.3 × 1.6cm

Package Contents

1 × RGB150 LED Light

1 × Mini Ball Head

1 × Cold Shoe Mount Base

1 × USB Type-C Cable

1 × Storage Pouch

1 × User Manual


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