NEEWER portable softbox with grid Mount 35X160 cm / 13.8″ X 63″ beehive

Soft light of the hive boxes are made using irregular imports of coarse particles diffuse reflectance materials, loaded it can get very soft, light, light quality and smooth smooth, full of beautiful, no shadows.A wedding portrait, commercial photography is required attachments.

To better address issues such as shadow, reflection point, color interference.

Better form a crisp, bright, Soft lighting, light – emitting surfaces larger, more uniform, to take a more realistic, more vivid colors.

Compared to the studio, out of the limitations of space, shooting more convenient.

The utility model exposes a soft light for photographic lights soft light box hive box, mask, borders, including hive install poles.

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NEEWER Softboxes are photographic equipment. It cannot be used alone, belongs to the annex of the studio lights. Soft light tank in the studio lights, light emitted by a softer, shooting to remove spots and shadows in the picture.Soft light box is made of reflective fabric, soft cloth, wire frame, consisting of gate.

Soft light box structure is diverse, general soft light boxes squares, like a seal leaking bucket – shaped At the end of. Another octagonal, umbrella, column type, bars, and other structures.

Its characteristic is that the soft light of the hive boxes described as having the hive – like soft glossy version of the loophole, Panels have a border around the hive, soft smooth version of the hive described by installing the Poles, the outermost fixed in the soft light boxes ; referred to the hive – like loophole, the square holes ; all surface honeycomb plate is described as black.

Since This utility uses soft light with a beehive – shaped Transparent Hole cover, and a fixed installation in the outermost layer of soft light box, you can make the light rays through a layer of white soft light after the dust cover, again by the hive – like when the loophole allows photography lighting create a parallel light source, photo by photo Express is a structured working.

Package Contents:

1 x 35cm x 160cm Beehive Softbox With Grid

1 x Inner diffuser

1 x Outer diffuser

1 x Mount Speedring

1 x Carrying bag


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