Neewer CN-126 High Power LED Video Light Compatible with Canon Sony Nikon Digital Cameras with Filters and Lens Cap Holder

CN-126 LED Video Light for Camera DV Camcorder Lighting

With 126-LED lights for optimum illumination and diffuser

Helps to ensure your pictures’s perfect settings

Can be used in video taking, either for lights setup or supplemen

There are 3 filters included with this item, with Spotlight effect, Diffuse effect, and for reducing the color temperature to 3200K

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This 126 LED Video Light can adapt to different types of digital video camcorders and cameras. It can also work as Office table lamp, industrial lamp, power cut light, or even Barbecue at your garden, etc.

*Rotate switch for on/off and brightness adjustment.

*Adopts concentration LED lights, irradiation distance can reach more than 5m, suitable for long distance shooting. the light can also be adjusted from concentrating light to diffusing light which is suitable for short distance shooting.

*One touch battery check with 4 level indicator: press the test button, 4-LED On means battery full, 1-LED On means battery low.

*Designed with Standard hot shoe plug, so can be installed on the DV or DSLR, and DC with standard hot shoe.

*Compatible batteries (not included):

Sony NP-Series Li-ion rechargeable battery (NP-FH70, NP-FM55H, NP-F550…)

Panasonic CGR-D16S rechargeable battery

6 * Alkaline/NiMH AA Battery


Please turn off the power after use. In order to avoid waste of battery an longtime heat generation and further affect the service life of LED bulbs.

If power is supplied by AA battery ,please remove the battery when the LED Lighting is out of use. Otherwise, the battery unused longtime will go moldy and rot the ciruit inside the LED Lighting.

Please install battery as gently as you can to avoid damage and distortion of the battery holder.


LED Quantity: 126 pieces

Input: DC 7.4-8.4V

Maximum Power: 7.56 Watt

Color Temperature: 5400K (3200k w/filter)

package contents:

1 * LED Video Lighting

3 * Filters

1 * Battery holder

1 * Hot shoe stand

1 * Lens cap holder


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