Neewer 900W Studio Strobe Flash Photography Lighting Kit:(3)300W Monolight,(3)Reflector Diffuser,(3)Softbox,(3)Light Stand,(1)RT-16 Wireless Trigger,(1)Bag for Shooting Bowens Mount(S-300N)

KIT INCLUDES: (3)S-300N 300W Strobe Flash, (3)150W Modeling Lamp, (3)24 inches/60 centimeters Octagonal Softbox, (3)Reflector Diffuser, (3)6.5 feet/200 centimeters Light Stand, (1)RT-16 Wireless Trigger Set, (1)CB-05 Studio Kit Bag

300W STROBE FLASH: Made of aluminum alloy, durable and convenient to use in studio shooting; With high flash energy 300WS, Guide Number GN54, 60 steps from 1.0 to 6.0 in 0.1 increments; Recharging time: 0.3-1.5s; Sync Distance: 10 meters; Flash Duration: 1/2500s, the light intensity is quite strong enough; Can be handheld or mounted on a light stand; Can work as main light, back light or hair light, and form different kinds of layout lighting

SOFTBOX AND UMBRELLA: Softbox is great source for broadening and softening light, which can be used with flashes and some studio flash lights with umbrella hole; Umbrella can be used either as a shoot through or bounce light to reduce shadows and produce an even, soft, low contrast light over a relatively large area

LIGHT STAND: 17.5 pounds/ 8 kilograms load capacity; 3-6.5 feet/92-200 centimeters adjustable height to meet your various demands; Used for mounting strobe lights, reflectors, umbrellas, softboxes and other photographic equipment

RT-16 TRIGGER AND RECEIVER: High-speed and synchronous for 1/200s; Max. working distance: 30 meters(open area, without interference); Trigger Receiver can work with any strobe flash

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Note: Camera is NOT included.

(3)300W Monolight:

Can be handheld or mounted on a light stand,besides, it comes with an umbrella hole which can mount the soft umbrella.

Model: S-300N

Flash Energy: 300WS

Guide Number: GN54

Flash Energy Adjustment: 1.0-6.0 Digital Dimming

Modeling Lamp Adjustment: Prop, Full, Off

Recharging Time(s): 0.3-1.5

Recharging Reminder: Sound, LED Indication

Sync Distance: 10m

Color Temperature: 5600K +/- 200K

Sync Voltage: DC 5V

Flash Duration(s): 1/2500S

Trigger Mode: Photosensor, Flash Trigger, Test Button Trigger

Input Voltage(US): 110V/50-60Hz

Cooling System: Fan

Fuse: 10A

(3)Octagonal Softbox:

Removable external diffusers so you can decide on the level of softness.

Universal mounting, silver reflective internal face and black back side.

Size: 24inch/60cm

(3)Light Stand:

Made of corrosion-resistant metal, giving it exceptional strength for heavy duty work, pretty sturdy for your shooting.

The legs can also fold in and have a lock to lock them in place; Lightweight and perfect for store and travelling.

Maximum Height: 6.5ft/ 2m

Folded Height: 3ft/0.92m

Tube Diameter: 25-22-19mm

Max. Load Capacity: 17.5lbs/8kg

(1)RT-16 Wireless Trigger Set:

The receiver has an on/off switch, and an LED to indicate triggering.

Transmitter Input: 23A 12V battery(included)

Receiver Input: 2 AAA batteries(not included)

Receiver Plug: 3.5mm

Adapter: 3.5mm-6.35mm

Frequency: 433MHz

(1)CB-05 Studio Kit Bag:

Color: Black

Cordura webbed nylon

Size: 30x10x10inch/ 77x25x25cm

Lightweight and foldable, have one padded compartments inside.

Package Contents:

3x 300W Strobe Flash Light

3x 150W Modeling Lamp

3x Softbox

3x Diffuser

3x Light Stand

1x RT-16 Wireless Trigger Set

1x Power Cord

1x Sync Cord

1x Bag for Studio Kit


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