Neewer 3x 160 LED Dimmable Light Kit Includes:(3)CN-160 LED Light (3)LED Softbox (3)Li-Ion Battery Replacement for SONY NP-F550 F570 (1)USB Battery Charger (3)Light Stand (1)Bag

Kit include:(3)CN-160 LED Video Light+ (3)5.9″x6.7″/15 x 17 cm Softbox+ (3)Li-Ion Battery Pack Replacement for Sony Camcorder NP-F550/ NP-F570+(1)USB Battery Charger+(3)6 Feet/190cm Light Stand+(1)CB-05 Carrying Bag

(3)CN-160 LED Video Light:The Neewer CN-160 can mount to any standard hot shoe on most DSLR or digital video cameras as well as tripods and light stands equipped with a hot shoe mount or 1/4-inch thread. It is also equipped with a pivoting head, allowing you to raise or lower the light’s angle.

(3)5.9″x6.7″/15 x 17 cm Softbox:Ultimate soften light stream and remove shadow to make perfect shooting and collapsible for storage

(3)Replacement Battery+(1)USB Battery Charger:Best replacement battery for the original Sony Sony NP-F550/NP-F570/NP-F530 battery pack.Never run out of battery power when you’re just about to capture the perfect moment.And this convenient charger set will charge your batteries at home or on the road, so you can always have a fresh battery supply for your photographic needs.

(3)6Feet/190cm Light Stand:This light stand is constructed from aluminum alloy, giving it exceptional strength for heavy duty work.Its solid locking capabilities ensure the safety of your lighting equipment when in use

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NOTA: la c??mara NO est?? incluida!


(3) Luz Video del LED CN-160

Ayuda a asegurar los ajustes perfectos para su fotograf??a o video tema. Con su ligero y durable construcci??n, puede llevar esta luz alrededor con usted dondequiera que vaya.

Potencia m??xima: 9,6 vatios

Temperatura de color: 5600K

Flujo luminoso: 660 lm

Duraci??n: 60 – 80mins

Iluminaci??n: 900 Lux (1m), 240 Lux (2m), (3m) de 120 Lux, Lux 70 (4m), 40 Lux (5m)

Distancia efectiva: 6m/20 pies

Material de Shell de la iluminaci??n: pl??stico del ABS

Voltaje: 220V

(3)5.9″”x6.7″”/15 x 17 cm Softbox

Suaviza la luz de tu flash externo proporcionando una difusi??n uniforme de la luz permaneciendo alejados de su objetivo.

Tama?o: 5,9 x 6.7 en / 15 x 17 cm

(1)Cargador de bater??a+ (3) 2600mAh Li-Ion Battery

C.C. 7.4V 2600mAh Li-ion recargable bater??a reemplazo para Sony NP-F550/570/530, Compatible con Sony HandyCams

Energ??a de larga duraci??n.

Cargador es adecuado para: Sony NP-F550/F750/F960/F330/F570; PA-VBD1, PA-VBD2 bater??as

(3) 6Feet / 190cm soporte de luz

Altura de plegado: 26″” / 66cm

Altura m??xima: 6 pies/75 “” / 190cm

Espita: 1/4 (adaptador de la necesidad de convertir a 3/8)

Segmentos: 3

(1) Bolsa de transporte CB-05

30″”x10″”x 10″”/ 77 cm x 25 cm x 25 cm foto video studio kit grande llevar bolsa para fotograf??a o video.

Material: Cordura palmeadas nylon

Ligero y plegable, ha rellenado una compartimentos dentro.

Caso de vinilo resistente a la intemperie para llevar un tr??pode hasta 30″” largo.

Contenido del paquete:

3 x luz Video del LED CN-160

3 x 5.9″”x6.7″”/15 x 17 cm Softbox

3 x bater??a Li-Ion paquete de reemplazo para Sony videoc??mara NP-F550 / NP-F570

1 x cargador de bater??a

3 x 6 pies / 190cm Soporte de la luz

1 x bolsa de transporte CB-05


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